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Quiz 9 Solutions

More quiz solutions are coming, but this one is obviously most time sensitive.

I would like to mention a few things:

1. Regarding fluid force. I believe I neglected to note that, while Force = pressure * Area, pressure is rho*g*depth. So be aware that there is a g there. I think I neglected this in class.

2. Remember that My is associated with x, and Mx is associated with y. They switch. This is important as the formulas for x-bar and y-bar are not given on the exam.

Also, we should note that e^0 is 1, not 0. e^x never equals zero for any x.

m172 quiz 9 solution

Quiz 7-9 Solutions, and L’H Worksheet answers

Hi all,

Exam 2 is coming very soon on Thursday. I will most likely not be there tomorrow morning, as I have jury selection. But, in the meantime, I wanted to say that we will do the same deal that we did last time: we’ll start the exam at 8am and you’ll have 90 minutes. I’ll be in at 7:30am to answer questions.

I have unfortunately not finished grading Quiz 9 (the related rates one) yet, but at least the solution is here…

quiz 7 summer.jpeg

quiz 8 summer

quiz 9 summer

lh worksheet side 1

lh worksheet side 2.jpeg

Quiz 5 and 6 Solutions + Worksheet Solutions

Here are quiz 5 and quiz 6’s solutions. I also have included the solution to the first derivative worksheet and our chain rule worksheet. On the chain rule worksheet, we really ought to simplify and at least put factors with coefficients and linear terms (x’s) in front of more complicated functions, but I didn’t give enough space on the sheet for any of us (including me) to do that. Oops.

quiz 5 solutions

quiz 6 solution

derivative worksheet 1

chain rule worksheet