Hello! I am Eric Lake, Master’s student in Mathematics, and welcome to my home page. Students, here you will find many class resources. Some useful links are in the sidebar to the right, and on the blog page, you can see a chronological listing of quiz solutions and other thoughts.

Fall 2013, I am teaching M172, Calculus 2, Section 5. Monday and Friday it is in Wilson 1-1142 at 1:10pm-2:00pm, and Tuesday and Thursday it is in Wilson 1-123 at 1:40pm-2:30pm.

My office is Wilson 1-106, which is right across from room 1-115. My cubicle is in the back corner, and don’t be afraid to peek your head in and go around the bend to see if I’m in. The other graduate students don’t bite unless you make particularly serious algebra errors! I kid, I kid. Probably.

My office hours are Tuesday 12:10pm-1pm, Wednesday 2:10-3pm, and Thursday 12:10pm-1pm. I’m also in the Math Learning Center from 11:00am-11:50am on Friday. But, you are more than welcome to email me and set up an appointment. I love talking about math and will answer questions whenever.

My complete schedule:

For my previous students, if you would like your finals, come to my office hours or set up an appointment and I am more than happy to give them to you.